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Shinji blushing like a firetruck is my favourite Shinji.

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she loves flowers

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Click here to support Medical Bill Fundraiser for Chelsea


Hey guys, my friend Esca is in some deep shit right now. She has a back condition that requires lots of medical attention and surgeries, and because of this she can’t work. She has piles of bills from these medical procedures and almost no way to pay for them. Without insurance she can’t pay for them alone.

I’d hate to see her have to file for bankruptcy just because she has a bad back, i mean it would ruin her. She is honestly one of the sweetest people i know, always looking out for people and standing up for herself and others. She is an absolutely wonderful person and I really want her to come through this okay. If you could consider helping her out, any amount would be appreciated. 

Hello there. My name is Chelsea. I just recently turned 26 and I have incurred some very high hospital bills that I am unable to pay. I am unemployed due to a back condition that prevents me from working, and I do not have insurance coverage. My mother cannot afford to help either. I don’t want t…

Please consider helping out my friend. It would mean so much to us!

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elf royalty of the flowers only blooming at night

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